How to organize vending business

payment in the form of Commission. Line of credit is a legally binding obligation the Bank or credit institution to the borrower to provide him with within a certain period of time loans within the agreed vanny limit. For example, in the United Kingdom as research Institute the focus is on the use in the operations of the Bank of England commercial ical bills, which are the basis of ensuring the banknote emission. The overdraft facilities (ital. Analysis of balance sheet liquidity is to compare funds the assets are grouped according to their degree of liquidity and located in descending order of liquidity, obligations, liabilities, sgroup- perovanni on the maturity date thereof and arranged in the order of increasing deadlines.

On the overdraft facilities are reflected, on the one hand, the Bank loan and all Board- LM from the account on behalf of clients and funds to the Bank from customers in the form of revenue, deposits, loan repayment, etc. Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance. Each Bank or lender has its own requirements for financial and th condition of the Bank-borrower.

at the expense of premiums. Provision of credit in the form of surety or guarantee PR- matrial the right of the Bank (creditor) the unconditional withdrawal of funds in the required size from the accounts of the guarantor or the guarantor, in the case of nepo- of cancellation within the prescribed period by the borrower of the obligations obtained- th loan. Medieval money-changing offices were predecessors ban cov, and the money changers — the predecessors of bankers; they took the cash nye deposits with the merchant for storage and specialized in money exchange different cities and countries. The most independent the Central banks of Germany and Sweden. The object of the construction is the subject of a pledge. Moreover, "the Banks, especially the issuing Bank, should be free from political pressure, they need to be managed on the principles of mind- governmental Finance." Initially the banks of the upper level is called emission and formed as a joint stock company with special floor- the authority. Currently the mortgage loan is in mortgage banks. It is extremely difficult to get a loan for commercial purposes, if the borrower "zero" balance (minimum s ' share capital or any results). Surety is a contract unilateral commitments by which the guarantor commits to the creditor to pay if necessary- the outstanding of the borrower.